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The Trump Administration’s Sustained Attack On The Rights of Immigrant Children

by Jonathan Blitzer   on August 22, 2019   in the-new-yorker   publication:

n 1985, two Salvadoran children, ages twelve and fifteen, were held in a squalid, overcrowded room in a rundown motel in Pasadena, California. For weeks, the government denied them food and kept them from seeing doctors

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To Free Detained Children, Immigrant Families Are Forced to Risk Everything

by Jonathan Blitzer   on October 16, 2018   in the-new-yorker   publication:

One morning in early August, Jorge, a thirty-seven-year-old construction worker from Guatemala who lives with his wife and two children in Virginia, received a phone call from an unknown number with a Texas area code.

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The Activist Effort To Find The Children The Government Took From Their Parents

by Jonathan Blitzer   on July 13, 2018   in the-new-yorker   publication:

Last Friday, two weeks after a federal judge in San Diego ordered the U.S. government to reunite more than twenty-five hundred migrant families who had been forcibly separated at the border, lawyers from the Department of

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The Government Has No Plans For Reuniting The Immigrant Families It Is Tearing Apart

by Jonathan Blitzer   on June 18, 2018   in the-new-yorker   publication:

few days ago, Emily Kephart, a program coördinator at an immigrant-rights group called Kids in Need of Defense, set out to try to find a six-year-old Guatemalan girl who had been separated from her father

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Where Are the Children Now?

by Sarah Stillman   on April 22, 2015   in the-new-yorker   publication:

For extortionists, undocumented migrants have become big business.   The kidnapper sounded polite, even deferential, when she called on a Tuesday afternoon last May. Melida Lemus and Alfredo Godoy had left their clapboard house in

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