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Ice arrests more than 40 people trying to sponsor migrant children

by Erin Durkin   on September 21, 2018   in the-guardian   publication:

The Trump administration, in its continued immigration crackdown, has arrested more than 40 people who came forward to help undocumented migrant children, in a move that is sparking alarm among advocates. Parents, relatives and friends

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Skepticism after US government says it’s ‘on track’ to reunite 2,551 children

by Amanda Holpuch   on July 26, 2018   in the-guardian   publication:

The Trump administration on Thursday faces its court-imposed deadline to reunite 2,551 children it forcibly separated amid concerns from advocates and attorneys that parents were coerced into being deported without their children. The US homeland security department

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Some Migrant Parents May Not Reunite With Children For Years, Experts Warn

by Amanda Holpuch   on July 25, 2018   in the-guardian   publication:

Donald Trump may have put an end to his family separation policy last month, but some migrant parents may not reunite with their children for years, experts have warned, due to the many obstacles of

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Families divided at the border: ‘The most horrific immigration policy I’ve ever seen’

by Amanda Holpuch   on June 19, 2018   in the-guardian   publication:

As immigration advocates struggle to help more than 1,600 children taken from their parents, Trump refuses to back down One month before Donald Trump’s administration enacted a policy that allowed the government to take thousands

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Want To Help Children Separated At The US-Mexico Border? Here’s How

by Adam Gabbatt   on June 2, 2018   in the-guardian   publication:

How to help children separated from parents at the border You’ll have heard the horrifying news about the rate at which children are being separated from their parents at the Mexico-US border. Between May 6

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“We Know They’re Lying,” Migrant Caravan Camps On Border As US Says It Lacks Capacity

by Rory Carroll and David Agren   on May 1, 2018   in the-guardian   publication:

As the migrants fled violence-racked homelands and travelled through Mexico towards the US, the fictions grew wilder. They were would-be invaders. A dangerous horde bent on violating US law. Pawns of a liberal conspiracy. Living

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Thousands of young Central Americans at risk as refugee ban halts key program

by Nina Lakhani   on February 2, 2017   in the-guardian   publication:

The Central American Minors in-country refugee processing scheme, focused on helping victims of gang violence, suspended after Trump executive order   The lives of thousands of young Central Americans are in danger after a rescue

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