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The Trump Administration is Closing the Door on Migrant Children

by Nicholas Wu   on December 25, 2018   in the-atlantic   publication:

Gilberto Flores had to leave. A teacher at his school in Jocoro, El Salvador, had just been dismembered by his own students after he was outed as a gay man. Gangs were dumping bodies in

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The Thousands of Children Who Go to Immigration Court Alone

by Misyrlena Egkolfopoulou   on August 21, 2018   in the-atlantic   publication:

A few times a month, San Francisco’s immigration court becomes a day-care center of sorts. Toys, stuffed animals, and coloring books decorate the waiting room. Children as young as four years old have come here

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The Lost Ones

by Alex Wagner   on July 27, 2018   in the-atlantic   publication:

“He lives in a tiny mountain village by the river, on the border between two states in Honduras.” This was the scant information given to Clara Long, a researcher with Human Rights Watch, and her

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Can the Trump Administration Solve Its Own Disaster?

by Alex Wagner   on July 11, 2018   in the-atlantic   publication:

This week marked an inflection point in the chaos that began after the United States first started forcibly removing migrant children from their families several months ago: Tuesday was the court-ordered deadline for the government to reunite

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Extinguishing the Beacon of America

by Alex Wagner   on June 15, 2018   in the-atlantic   publication:

The Trump administration’s policy of separating families is designed to erase hope—with devastating consequences for thousands of children. In early May, I travelled to McAllen, Texas, to speak with U.S. Border Patrol about the current

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Central American countries are losing a generation because of gangs

by Julie Turkewitz   on February 22, 2017   in the-atlantic   publication:

There is a surge of young immigrants crossing into the US from Central America, fleeing gang violence and a drug trade that targets them. The day of his first kidnapping, Wander’s life cleaved in two.

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The Toxic Health Effects of Deportation Threat

by Olga Khazan   on January 27, 2017   in the-atlantic   publication:

The fear of immigration raids can harm children’s brains and health, potentially for life. One 9-year-old boy came in with headaches, which Linton said started when “he was being told in school that his parents

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