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Trump Is Still Separating Families in Possible Violation of a Court Order

by Meredith Hoffman   on April 4, 2019   in slate   publication:

One morning last month, dozens of migrants with handcuffed wrists and ankles filled the benches of the federal courthouse in McAllen, Texas. They’d all been caught crossing the Rio Grande just days earlier and faced

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Unimaginable Cruelty

by Rachel Anspach   on October 9, 2017   in slate   publication:

Jorge was set to travel to the United States from El Salvador this past summer. The 20-year-old, whose family requested that his real name not be used in this story because of fear for his

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“There Was So Much Violence Around. I Felt So Alone. I Wanted to See My Mother.”

by Sarah Salvadore   on February 1, 2017   in slate   publication:

Why are so many pregnant and parenting teens arriving at the U.S.–Mexico border? This story was produced through a partnership between Slate and the Global Migration Project at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism. On the afternoon

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“They Said We Would Pay With Our Lives”

by Annie Hylton and Sarah Salvadore   on August 31, 2016   in slate   publication:

As Central American gangs increasingly target children for violence and sexual assault, more unaccompanied minors are heading to the United States. This story was produced through a partnership between Slate and the Global Migration Project

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Obama’s Border Bet

by Josh Voorhees   on July 7, 2014   in slate   publication:

The president says there’s a “humanitarian crisis” at the border—so why is he treating it as a simple immigration problem? Immigrant children continue to pour over the United States’ southwestern border at a rate of more

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