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‘They used the kids to get to parents like me’: How ICE’s human smuggling initiative targeted parents and children

by Laura C. Morel and Patrick Michels   on March 4, 2019   in reveal   publication:

It was August 2016 when Wilson got the call, from an unknown number. A worker from the Office of Refugee Resettlement, the agency that oversees the custody of migrant children, was on the line. Wilson’s

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Immigration lawyers, judges vexed by new Trump policies

by Miranda S. Spivack   on July 27, 2018   in reveal   publication:

It’s been weeks since immigration attorney Laura Barrera has had a full day off. Like hundreds of her colleagues, she can barely keep up with fallout from the Trump administration’s family separation policy – and

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When ICE strikes, volunteers hope to be there to help immigrants

by Miranda S. Spivack   on November 28, 2017   in reveal   publication:

STOCKTON, California – In a small back room at Victory in Praise, a predominantly African American church in this Central Valley city, community organizer Arturo Palato assessed his troops. The gathering included a teacher, a

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