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‘Kids are really suffering’ as migrant surge overwhelms health department

by Renuka Rayasam and Dan Diamond   on June 25, 2019   in politico   publication:

Hundreds of migrant children being transferred from squalid, overcrowded Border Patrol detention centers are heading into the custody of a federal refugee agency that’s already struggling to feed and care for tens of thousands of

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Some of the kids I spoke to were traumatized. Some could barely speak

by Renuka Rayasam   on June 20, 2018   in politico   publication:

Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen defended the treatment of migrant children in federal custody on Monday, telling the nation’s sheriffs they are well cared for after they are apprehended and separated from their parents. But

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Under 16 and ordered deported — with no lawyer

by David Rogers   on November 18, 2015   in politico   publication:

Public records obtained by POLITICO show the steep toll of the Obama administration’s ‘get tough’ approach on Central American child migrants.   Newly released government records show the heavy cost imposed on the very youngest

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