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Will US Accelerate Global Shift Against Asylum Hopefuls?

by RJ Vogt   on August 4, 2019   in law360   publication:

A Honduran refugee flees gang violence at home, heading north to claim asylum in America. A Rohingya refugee in Bangladesh, facing genocide back in Myanmar, wonders about the status of her application to be resettled

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Legal Aid For Migrant Kids Too Vital To Cut, Advocates Say

by Emma Cueto   on June 9, 2019   in law360   publication:

The Trump administration is pointing to a “humanitarian crisis” at the border and congressional inaction in defending reductions to legal aid and other services for unaccompanied migrant children, but advocates say those programs are too

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How Legal Aid Groups Built An Army To Help Migrant Kids

by Nicole Narea   on May 19, 2019   in law360   publication:

Judges have recognized a minor’s right to counsel nearly across the board in civil proceedings — except in the immigration courts. Last year, children as young as toddlers made headlines when they appeared alone in

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Sessions’ Asylum Ruling Highlights Immigrant Counsel Need

by Nicole Narea   on June 12, 2018   in law360   publication:

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ decision on Monday to narrow the circumstances under which members of particular “social groups” have grounds to seek asylum will give immigration judges license to deny petitions for relief point-blank,

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BigLaw Answers White House Plea To Help Immigrant Kids

by Andrew Strickler   on August 22, 2014   in law360   publication:

BigLaw is responding to an unprecedented recent call from the White House to represent unaccompanied children crossing U.S. borders, taking a high number of asylum cases and even appointing associates full-time to the issue. Earlier

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