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Kids Who Can’t Tie Their Shoes Are Being Traumatized In Immigration Court

by Angelina Chapin   on August 4, 2018   in huffington-post   publication:

LOS ANGELES – In 2016, Luis sat in his lawyer’s office and drew a black, snake-like object, surrounded by sad faces. “My dad hit me with a cable from the television,” the 4-year-old told Joanna

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Children As Young As 5’ Could Face Immigration Court Alone, Experts Say

by Angelina Chapin   on June 25, 2018   in huffington-post   publication:

Many of the migrant children who remain separated from their parents will have to appear in immigration courts alone and are at greater risk of deportation, legal experts told HuffPost. “In some cases, children as

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Paul Ryan Doesn’t Want Kids Split From Their Parents, But He Won’t Blame Trump For It

by Elise Foley   on June 14, 2018   in huffington-post   publication:

The House speaker blamed the courts for immigrant family separations that the courts did not require. President Donald Trump’s policies have separated more than 1,000 immigrant children from their parents at the border. But according

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Detaining Migrant Children Has Lifelong Psychological Effects, Experts Say

by Angelina Chapin   on June 14, 2018   in huffington-post   publication:

Prison-like detention centers compound the trauma of vulnerable kids. America’s largest shelter for migrant children looks more like a jail than a safe space for kids. On Wednesday, journalists were allowed inside the former Walmart

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Trump Says Kids Shouldn’t Come To U.S. Illegally. He’s Also Limiting Their Legal Options.

by Elise Foley   on August 16, 2017   in huffington-post   publication:

About 2,700 people expected to come to the U.S. through the Central American Minors parole program are now stuck. WASHINGTON ― Central American immigrants in the U.S. already had few ways to legally bring their

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Trump Administration Accused Of Using Immigrant Kids As ‘Bait’ To Catch Parents

by Elise Foley   on June 30, 2017   in huffington-post   publication:

WASHINGTON ― The Trump administration is using information gathered from immigrant children apprehended at the border to go after the relatives who paid for them to travel to the U.S., often to escape violence at

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Border Crisis Is Smaller, But Still A Crisis

by Elise Foley   on April 9, 2015   in huffington-post   publication:

WASHINGTON — U.S. Customs and Border Protection Commissioner R. Gil Kerlikowske traveled to McAllen, Texas, in March 2014 — his first week on the job — to see what then was a major crisis of

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As Unaccompanied Children Cross Border, One Group Tries To Get Them Lawyers

by Elise Foley   on September 9, 2014   in huffington-post   publication:

Wendy Young has witnessed many immigration court hearings where young children go up against a judge alone. There’s one that sticks out in her memory. A few years ago, she was observing an immigration court

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Immigration: Making Decisions In the Best Interest of the Child

by Bruce Lesley   on January 27, 2014   in huffington-post   publication:

The Newseum in Washington, D.C., has a permanent exhibit of Pulitzer Prize winning photographs that silences crowds and brings forth a range of emotions in people. As Pulitzer Prize winning photojournalist Eddie Adams explains, “If

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Spike In Undocumented Immigrant Children Prompts Use Of Military Base As Shelter

by Cristina Cosantini   on April 18, 2012   in huffington-post   publication:

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the Air Force turned a San Antonio Air Force base into temporary shelter for 100 undocumented children Monday, after being overwhelmed by unusually high rates

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