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Trump Administration Is Not Funding Legal Aid In 3 Migrant Children’s Shelters

by Angelina Chapin   on September 7, 2019   in huffington-post   publication:

The Trump administration is failing to fund legal services for detained immigrant children ― some under 5 years old ― in three shelters, HuffPost has learned. That violates federal law and could have life-threatening consequences

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Trump Administration To Deprive Migrant Kids In Shelters Of English Lessons, Legal Aid

by Angelina Chapin   on June 5, 2019   in huffington-post   publication:

Unaccompanied immigrant children in government detention centers across the U.S. will no longer have English classes, recreational programs or legal aid, according to Department of Health and Human Services emails first obtained by The Washington

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Lindsey Graham’s Immigration Bill Would Harm Children And Not Deter Immigrants

by Angelina Chapin   on May 15, 2019   in huffington-post   publication:

A new bill from Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) would harm undocumented immigrant children by detaining them for longer periods and allowing immigration officials to send them back to life-threatening situations in their home countries. Immigrant

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Trump’s Border Wall Could Result In More Child Deaths, Advocates Worry

by Angelina Chapin   on January 5, 2019   in huffington-post   publication:

The government shutdown has dragged on for two weeks due to President Donald Trump’s insistence on border wall funding. And while Trump is characterizing the barrier as a non-negotiable tenet of border security, immigrant experts

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Two Migrant Teens Were Killed In Mexico. Advocates Worry It Could Happen Again.

by Angelina Chapin   on December 20, 2018   in huffington-post   publication:

U.S. and Mexican immigration officials are turning unaccompanied children away from the border, child advocates and lawyers told HuffPost, forcing kids into dangerous and potentially life-threatening situations. Two Honduran teens living in a Tijuana migrant

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Trump Asylum Ban Will Extend to Thousands of Unaccompanied Immigrant Minors

by Elise Foley   on November 12, 2018   in huffington-post   publication:

A controversial Trump administration policy suspending asylum for immigrants who cross the border illegally will also apply to kids and teenagers traveling to the United States without their parents, contradicting last week’s comment by a

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ICE Is Throwing A Record Number Of 18-Year-Olds Into Adult Detention On Their Birthdays

by Angelina Chapin   on November 1, 2018   in huffington-post   publication:

On Roberto’s 18th birthday in September, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers put metal cuffs on his hands and legs and a chain around his waist. They then drove him two hours from Homestead, the

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ICE Is Sending Separated Children Home With No One To Pick Them Up

by Angelina Chapin   on October 15, 2018   in huffington-post   publication:

On Tuesday, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement sent a 4-year-old separated child from the U.S. to Guatemala City without telling her family she was coming home. When Karla, a pseudonym HuffPost is using to protect the

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Inside The Desperate Search For 343 Parents Deported Without Their Kids

by Angelina Chapin   on September 2, 2018   in huffington-post   publication:

They have a government-provided list of 343 names. But for a group of lawyers and immigration advocates, tracking down the parents who were separated from their children at the border under the Trump administration’s zero

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Migrant Kids Choose Between Possible Death and Never Seeing Parents Again

by Angelina Chapin   on August 11, 2018   in huffington-post   publication:

In a shelter on Long Island, Nico has been forced to make a decision much too traumatic for any 14-year-old: return to Guatemala and risk death, or stay in the U.S. to pursue relief and

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