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This Is No Time To Forget About The Families In Detention

by Esther J. Cepeda   on July 10, 2018   in houston-chronicle   publication:

It’s been just a few weeks since the nationwide uproar over the separation of families at the U.S.-Mexico border, yet it feels like the issue is already slipping from people’s radar. That’s partly because the

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Law Firms Pledge Lawyers, Resources For Families At The Texas Border

by Mark Curriden   on June 29, 2018   in houston-chronicle   publication:

Thirty-four large corporate law firms – half of them with offices in Texas and two firms based in Texas – have signed a pledge to provide legal support and resources for immigrant families who are

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Immigrant Children’s Shelter Considered For Downtown Houston

by Lomi Kriel   on June 15, 2018   in houston-chronicle   publication:

The large vacant warehouse in downtown Houston has housed women and families who were once homeless and adults displaced by Hurricane Harvey. Until now, however, it has never sheltered small children who are on their

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Plight Of Children Is Lost In Immigration Debate

by Stan Perry   on May 17, 2018   in houston-chronicle   publication:

As a pro bono immigration attorney for children immigrants and refugees over the past five years in Houston, I am struck by how little the fear-mongering and mischaracterizations of people from Central America seeking safety,

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Trump Administration Looks To Military Bases In Texas To House Immigrant Children

by Lomi Kriel   on May 16, 2018   in houston-chronicle   publication:

A 4-year-old boy from Honduras approached a Border Patrol agent in Anzalduas Park in 2014 after crossing the Rio Grande from Mexico in Mission. President Barack Obama described the number of children entering the U.S.

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Trump moves to end ‘catch and release’, prosecuting parents and removing children who cross border

by Lomi Kriel   on November 25, 2017   in houston-chronicle   publication:

Patricia Mejia gathered her three young children and made the arduous journey through Mexico to the U.S. border to escape El Salvador’s often deadly violence. When Border Patrol agents found the family near El Paso’s

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HOUSTON ICE targeting relatives who pay to illegally bring children into U.S.

by Lomi Kriel   on June 30, 2017   in houston-chronicle   publication:

President Donald Trump’s administration has begun detaining parents and relatives who they suspect paid to have children brought illegally into the United States, officials said Friday. Criminally prosecuting adults who ask smugglers to bring minor

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U.S. to expand refugee program for Central Americans

by Lomi Kriel   on January 13, 2016   in houston-chronicle   publication:

The U.S. State Department said Wednesday that it will expand its refugee program to help more people fleeing violence in Central America in what activists said was an important acknowledgment that residents of the region

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A year after border surge, child crossings plummet

by Lomi Kriel   on June 11, 2015   in houston-chronicle   publication:

U.S. officials claim success, while crisis shifts to Mexico   The images of thousands of mostly Central American children sleeping on concrete in crowded South Texas Border Patrol cells shocked the nation a year ago

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Pro bono attorneys making difference to child migrants

  on October 23, 2014   in houston-chronicle   publication:

Op-Ed by Brad Smith, executive vice president and general counsel of Microsoft Corp., is co-chairman of the board of directors for Kids in Need of Defense. Lawyers can take tremendous pride in the tradition of

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