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This Immigrant Has a Good Asylum Claim, But The Feds Took His Freedom for 72 Days and He Wasn’t Charged With a Crime

by Dianne Solis   on December 9, 2018   in dallas-morning-news   publication:

Edwin Romero is like a lot of fathers. He’s willing to do anything for his three girls, especially his 6-year-old princesita. The 56-year-old factory worker fought hard against what he believes is a corrupt government

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Feds Admit It’s Slow-Going Reuniting Immigrant Children at Tent City With Families

by James Barragan and Dianne Solis   on October 12, 2018   in dallas-morning-news   publication: ,

TORNILLO – Federal officials at the tent city temporarily sheltering hundreds of unaccompanied immigrant children in West Texas pushed back Friday against reports that children there did not have adequate access to education, legal representation and mental-health care.

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New Data Suggests Trump’s Separation of Children at the Border Was No Deterrent

by Dianne Solis   on September 13, 2018   in dallas-morning-news   publication:

Arrests of immigrant families who cross the U.S. border rose 38 percent in August, despite the Trump administration’s practice of separating children from parents to deter illegal crossings. The number suggest that the effects of

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Trump travel order targets people seeking visas in six Muslim-majority nations

by Dianne Solis   on March 6, 2017   in dallas-morning-news   publication:

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump on Monday signed a new version of his controversial travel ban, aiming to withstand court challenges while still barring new visas for citizens from six Muslim-majority countries and shutting

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Immigrant flow at border matches crisis of a few years ago and may be significantly worse

by Dianne Solis   on October 17, 2016   in dallas-morning-news   publication:

The tide of migrant families with minors and children traveling alone to the U.S., mostly from Central America, has equaled the surge of 2014 that nearly overwhelmed Border Patrol resources, federal immigration officials said Monday. U.S.

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Another migration crisis may be looming

by Dianne Solis   on January 13, 2016   in dallas-morning-news   publication:

A sharp increase in the number of families from Central America detained at the border has immigration experts concerned that the U.S. may be facing another migration crisis similar to the summer surge of 2014.

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