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Melania’s latest move in ‘Be Best’ campaign is sit-down with Microsoft president Brad Smith – who chairs group that defends immigrant kids from deportation and battles Trump child separation policy

by Geoff Earle   on May 10, 2019   in daily-mail   publication:

First Lady Melania Trump sat down with Microsoft President Brad Smith to discuss online safety – but the exec’s other prominent pursuit is battling the Trump administration’s child separation policy. The first lady tweeted out an image

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22,000 Migrant Children Illegally Crossed the Southern U.S. Border in December

by Valerie Bauman   on January 3, 2019   in daily-mail   publication:

Some 22,000 minors illegally crossed the Southern U.S. border in December, a number that government officials say bolsters the argument for building the president’s promised border wall. Of those 22,000 minors, roughly 5,000 were unaccompanied

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It IS getting harder for immigrants to gain asylum in the U.S: Official data shows rates have been slashed in half over the last six months

by Valerie Bauman   on July 31, 2018   in daily-mail   publication:

The Trump administration has made it harder to gain asylum in the U.S., with the rate of successfully reviewed claims of credible fear cut in half during the first six months of 2018, according to

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