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Trump administration agrees to independent investigation of health conditions for children at border facilities

by Elizabeth Cohen and John Bonifield   on July 12, 2019   in cnn   publication:

The Trump administration has agreed to allow a Stanford University pediatrician to conduct an independent investigation into health conditions for migrant children at US Customs and Border Protection facilities. The pediatrician, Dr. Paul Wise, toured

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ICE put a 4-year-old on a plane to Guatemala. Her dad found out 30 minutes before she landed

by Catherine E. Shoichet   on October 11, 2018   in cnn   publication:

Six months after US officials separated them at the border, ICE put a 4-year-old girl on a plane to Guatemala this week so she could be reunited with her father. But there was one major

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711 Kids In Custody Haven’t Been Reunited With Their Parents. What Happens To Them Now?

by Catherine E. Shiochet   on July 29, 2018   in cnn   publication:

We haven’t seen their faces. We don’t know their names. We only know a number: 711. That’s how many immigrant kids from separated families remain in custody, according to the latest government tally. Officials say that, for

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The Next Family Separation Crisis: Finding Hundreds of Deported Parents

by Catherine E. Shiochet   on July 27, 2018   in cnn   publication:

Immigrant advocacy groups are gearing up to track down more than 400 parents who were separated from their children and deported without them. The challenge is so daunting that government attorneys have bristled every time

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Kids in immigration court: A maze with life and death consequences

by Tal Kopan   on July 1, 2018   in cnn   publication:

“Your honor, meet the respondent,” immigration attorney Lenni Benson said as she introduced the crying toddler in her arms to the judge that would be hearing the child’s case. Benson remembers the incident well. The

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Here’s What’s Going On With Children Separated At The Border

by Holly Yan   on June 25, 2018   in cnn   publication:

If this saga over families separated at the border seems highly confusing, that’s because it is. We’ve seen a flurry of recent activity from politicians and protesters trying to rectify the situation — yet many

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Don’t turn your back on these children

by Carole Geithner   on December 31, 2014   in cnn   publication:

Imagine being so desperate that you decide to entrust your child to a paid smuggler to help him or her cross the border into the United States. You can’t know if your child will survive

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Does the U.S. need establish refugee camps to deal with the immigration crisis?

by Anderson Cooper   on July 11, 2014   in cnn   publication:

Anderson spoke with Pulitzer Prize winning author Sonia Nazrio about her reporting on the violence that’s driving the flood of young immigrants to the U.S. border. She calls for taking a ‘humane and practical’ approach

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Detained immigrant children face legal maze in U.S.

by Rose Marie Arce   on October 22, 2009   in cnn   publication:

When “Marta” was 12, she entered the United States illegally, hoping to join her mother, who had left her in Central America years ago to search for work. Three years later she was sitting in

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