Presidential Proclamation: Completely Undermines U.S. Asylum System

by KIND Press Release   on November 9, 2018

Statement from KIND President Wendy Young:


There is no crisis at the border. There is no need for a Presidential Proclamation to close the United States to all but a few vulnerable immigrants seeking safety. We are a nation that can handle vulnerable people, including women and children, fleeing to the United States seeking protection.

Migration to our southern border is at a historic low. Of those who are coming, 89 percent are found by U.S. officials to have a credible fear of returning to their home countries and therefore, under U.S. law, may seek protection in the United States. This does not mean they will be successful, but our laws and our values dictate that they must have a fair chance to make their case. Otherwise, we could be sending people back to grave harm and even death.

The Administration is also using cost and limited capacity to process protection claims to justify their actions.  However, this same Administration is needlessly holding unaccompanied children in tent cities that cost upwards of $700/day.

Instead of showing greatness, slamming the door to people in desperate need fleeing for safety diminishes our country and all of us as Americans.

Read more information on how this Presidential Proclamation needlessly undermines the U.S. asylum system.


For more information, please contact Megan McKenna,  or 202-631-9990.

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