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Children Left Defenseless in Immigration Courts

by Daniel Clark   on January 16, 2014

Fusion’s Daniel Clark reports on the plight of young, unaccompanied migrants who get caught by U.S. immigration authorities Watch the video, HERE.

Crossing the Line

by Steven Yoder   on January 15, 2014   publication:

Can a pro bono immigration lawyer be as good as the real thing? Since 2011, an ever-rising number of unaccompanied children have been streaming into California from Central America. Thousands have been picked up by

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When child immigrants arrive as victims

by Esther Caepeda   on December 1, 2013   publication:

Even though our maddening and broken immigration system probably won’t be reformed for at least another few years, there are small pockets of common sense to be found in the midst of it all. Take

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Children Alone and Lawyerless in a Strange Land

by Julie Myers Wood and Wendy Young   on September 23, 2013   publication:

We’ve seen 5-year-old immigrants in front of a U.S. judge, about to be sent back into harm’s way. One of us is a former head of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement; the other is a

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More than 10,000 Children Were Deported to Mexico Last Year Alone

by Cristina Costantini   on July 30, 2013   publication:

Although illegal border crossings have declined dramatically in recent years, more and more children are crossing the border alone. Nearly 14,000 unaccompanied minors were apprehended in U.S. and sent back to Mexico in 2012 alone,

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First the Fence, Then the System

by Lauren Markham   on July 15, 2013   publication:

More and more children from Central America are entering the US illegally and alone. What happens when they’re caught? Tiptoeing through the scrub brush of South Texas, everything sounds like a threat: wind rustling the

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Esther Cepeda: Young, alone — and in court

by Esther Capeda   on May 1, 2013   publication:

Last week, a federal judge in California ordered immigration courts in three states to provide legal representation for immigrants with mental disabilities who are in detention or facing deportation. This happened the day after federal

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Child Migrants, Alone in Court

by Sonia Nazario   on April 10, 2013   publication:

  BELKIS RIVERA, 14 years old, sat in the Los Angeles immigration courtroom, in a black coat and purple scarf, shaking with fear. When Belkis was 6, the gang that controlled her neighborhood in San

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Unaccompanied teen immigrant from Guatemala makes it to LA, gains asylum

by Ruxandra Guidi   on November 1, 2012   publication:

Death threats from the maras – or gangs – in his native Guatemala are the reason Ronald Aldana says he left. The son of farmers from the rural region of Santa Ana says it started

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Was Puerto Rican RNC official the target of “USA! USA!” chants?

by Sandra Lilley and Adrian Carrasquillo   on August 29, 2012   publication:

Zoraida Fonalledas, the National Committeewoman for Puerto Rico, who is also the chairwoman of the party’s permanent organization committee, said to NBC Latino that contrary to reports, she was not the object of “USA, USA!”

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