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Government Expects 60,000 Lone Child Migrants Will Try to Enter US in 2014

by Sean Nevins   on March 12, 2014   publication:

  WASHINGTON (VR) – The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) estimates that 60,000 unaccompanied alien children (UAC) will try to enter the country during Fiscal Year 2014, which runs from October 1st

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More unaccompanied minors arriving in the U.S. than ever before

by Griselda Nevarez   on March 12, 2014   publication:

For two years, Rosie Reid-Correa worked at three shelters in Arizona addressing the medical needs of minors who traveled alone to the United States. She said many of these unaccompanied minors made the long journey

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Advocacy groups call for court-appointed attorneys for immigrant children and teens

by Dianne Solis   on February 28, 2014   publication:

  Two immigrant advocacy groups recommended this morning that minors in immigration court be appointed government attorneys and that asylum regulations be liberalized to cover the special needs of migrant minors who come into the

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About 60,000 Migrant Children Will Cross The Border Alone This Year

by Esther Yu-Hsi Lee   on February 28, 2014

  By the end of the 2014 fiscal year, about 60,000 migrant children will have crossed the U.S. borders without parents, guardians, or papers. According to a new study published Thursday by the Center for

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A Treacherous Journey: Child Migrants Navigating the U.S. Immigration System

  on February 27, 2014

Download the full report  Download the Executive Summary Acknowledgments This report was written by Lisa Frydman, CGRS Associate Director and Managing Attorney; Elizabeth Dallam, KIND National Legal Services Director; and Blaine Bookey, CGRS Associate Director and

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Child crisis growing along southern U.S. border

by Susan Carroll   on February 27, 2014   publication:

Huge influx of Central American youths crossing to join parents MISSION – On a sunny February morning, a 4-year-old boy with a gap-toothed grin giggled as the Border Patrol trucks rolled up to take him

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Immigration: Making Decisions In the Best Interest of the Child

by Bruce Lesley   on January 27, 2014   publication:

The Newseum in Washington, D.C., has a permanent exhibit of Pulitzer Prize winning photographs that silences crowds and brings forth a range of emotions in people. As Pulitzer Prize winning photojournalist Eddie Adams explains, “If

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Children Left Defenseless in Immigration Courts

by Daniel Clark   on January 16, 2014

Fusion’s Daniel Clark reports on the plight of young, unaccompanied migrants who get caught by U.S. immigration authorities Watch the video, HERE.

Crossing the Line

by Steven Yoder   on January 15, 2014   publication:

Can a pro bono immigration lawyer be as good as the real thing? Since 2011, an ever-rising number of unaccompanied children have been streaming into California from Central America. Thousands have been picked up by

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When child immigrants arrive as victims

by Esther Caepeda   on December 1, 2013   publication:

Even though our maddening and broken immigration system probably won’t be reformed for at least another few years, there are small pockets of common sense to be found in the midst of it all. Take

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