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70,000 Kids Will Show Up Alone at Our Border This Year. What Happens to Them?

by Ian Gordon   on June 3, 2014   publication:

Officials have been stunned by a “surge” of unaccompanied children crossing into the United States. N A DOORLESS desert safe house in northwestern Mexico, the drug traffickers sized up the boy—17 years old, 1,700 miles

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Alone, Illegal and Underage: The Child Migrant Crisis

by Jennifer Scholtes and Emily Ethridge   on May 28, 2014   publication:

On America’s southern border, officials have watched for the past few years as a trickle of children crossing the Rio Grande illegally without their parents has turned into a veritable flood. So many kids, in

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Child Migration is a Refugee Crisis Happening Right Among Us

by Jorge Ramos   on May 25, 2014   publication:

According to a 2014 report from the Center for Gender & Refugee Studies, the number of children coming to the United States without a parent or legal guardian is surging. In 2012, there were 13,625

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Immigrant Children

by Wendy Young   on May 21, 2014   publication:

To the Editor: Re “U.S. Setting Up Emergency Shelter in Texas as Youths Cross Border Alone” (news article, May 17): The United States is experiencing a child migration emergency that calls for an entirely new

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Children Crossing Border Strain Facilities

by Suzanna Gamboa   on May 19, 2014   publication:

The nation’s southern border has seen a dramatic increase in the number of children coming to the U.S. on their own hoping to find parents and fleeing tough or dangerous circumstances. So many have come

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Border braces for new surge

by Mike Lillis   on April 11, 2014   publication:

Officials at the southern border are bracing for another wave of child immigrants in the coming months, though they anticipate a much lower crest than last year. Migration analysts project that almost 40,000 unaccompanied children

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Immigration court holds special sessions for kids caught crossing border alone

by Erica Pearson   on March 31, 2014   publication:

Ian, 3, was one of dozens of children who recently stepped before a judge during a separate New York Immigration Court calendar for kids seeking to avoid deportation. While Immigration and Customs Enforcement seeks to

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One Boy’s Immigration Story Signals Hope for Children

by John Cadiz Klemack   on March 18, 2014   publication:

A teenage boy who crossed the US-Mexico border on his own will as a child is a success story for a nonprofit group whose mission is to help more children avoid deportation after coming to

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Surge of Central American Children Crossing into the US – Podcast

  on March 17, 2014

At least 60,000 children from Central America are expected to be stopped at the US border this year — illegally and alone. We hear why they leave home, what terrors they encounter along the way,

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Young, alone and in court

by Editorial Board   on March 14, 2014   publication:

Forced from their home countries by narco-trafficking and violence, children by the thousands are being intercepted as they enter the U.S. illegally — by themselves. Their cases should be handled with care. Until about three

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