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Migrant children’s health endangered by family separation at US border

by Katherine Bortz   on August 14, 2018   publication:

Migrant children who are detained at the U.S. border after seeking asylum are at risk for numerous chronic or acute physical and mental health care conditions, including asthma, dental problems, trauma and infectious diseases. For

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Migrant Kids Choose Between Possible Death and Never Seeing Parents Again

by Angelina Chapin   on August 11, 2018   publication:

In a shelter on Long Island, Nico has been forced to make a decision much too traumatic for any 14-year-old: return to Guatemala and risk death, or stay in the U.S. to pursue relief and

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Asylum Seekers Find Following Rules Holds No Assurances

by Aline Barros   on August 10, 2018   publication:

They were separated for almost four months. Although they crossed the border at a legal point of entry, Capi and his 12-year-old daughter Jamie were separated — and this was in March, a month before

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Pentagon, DHS Stonewall on Military Base Detentions for Immigrants

by Spencer Ackerman   on August 10, 2018   publication:

With a self-declared deadline for detaining immigrant families on military bases approaching, the Trump administration is stonewalling the release of any substantial information on a policy that some service members have declared morally reprehensible. After

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Amid Migrants’ Complaints Of Frigid Holding Cells, A Battle For Control Of Border Thermostats

by Nick Miroff   on August 7, 2018   publication:

The tired and poor masses crossing the border illegally do a lot of huddling after coming to America. It’s the air conditioning. So notoriously cold are the U.S. Border Patrol’s detention cells that those heading north

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Trump Administration ‘Washing Its Hands’ Of Deported Parents Of Migrant Children, Advocates Warn

by Emily Shugerman   on August 5, 2018   publication:

The Trump administration is “washing its hands” of the migrant parents it deported after separating them from their children at the border, advocates have said. The administration has so far reunified some 1,800 of the families it separated under Donald Trump’s “zero tolerance”

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Kids Who Can’t Tie Their Shoes Are Being Traumatized In Immigration Court

by Angelina Chapin   on August 4, 2018   publication:

LOS ANGELES – In 2016, Luis sat in his lawyer’s office and drew a black, snake-like object, surrounded by sad faces. “My dad hit me with a cable from the television,” the 4-year-old told Joanna

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Immigration Lawyer On Separated Children

by Scott Simon   on August 4, 2018   publication:

SCOTT SIMON, HOST: The deadline to reunite migrant children, who were separated from their parents at the U.S.-Mexico border, has come and gone. And this weekend hundreds of children are still waiting. Attorneys across the

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He Was Once An Unaccompanied Minor At The Border, Now He Works In The Valley’s Fields

by Monica Velez   on July 31, 2018   publication:

Working 11 hours shifts in corn fields in Mendota is some of the hardest work to do. Add school and immigration court to the mix and you might start losing track of the days, like

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711 menores aún separados de sus padres

by Fernando Rodriguez   on July 31, 2018   publication:

KIND’s Director of Policy, Jennifer Podkul, speaks to Foro TV’s, Fernando Rodriguez on the 711 migrant children still separated from their parents. Click here to listen: