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Are There More Migrant Minors Who Have Died in Government Custody?

by Jack Herrera   on June 6, 2019   publication:

The government agency that takes custody over all unaccompanied minors who arrive on the border has been unable to answer questions about the number of children who have died in its custody in the years

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Trump Administration To Deprive Migrant Kids In Shelters Of English Lessons, Legal Aid

by Angelina Chapin   on June 5, 2019   publication:

Unaccompanied immigrant children in government detention centers across the U.S. will no longer have English classes, recreational programs or legal aid, according to Department of Health and Human Services emails first obtained by The Washington

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Trump Administration Ends Some Services For Migrant Children in Shelters

by Joel Rose   on June 5, 2019   publication:

KIND’s President Wendy Young, speaks to NPR’s Joel Rose on the Trump Administration’s decision to cut funding for legal aid, English classes, and recreational activities for unaccompanied migrant children in detention centers. Click here to

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Trump administration cuts English classes, soccer and legal aid for migrant children at shelters

by Jared Weber   on June 5, 2019   publication:

Citing a tightening budget, the Trump Administration announced Wednesday it is cutting English classes, recreational activities and legal aid for unaccompanied minors living in federal migrant shelters. The activities, including soccer games and ping-pong, are

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U.S. Limits Protections for Some Migrant Children

by Kristina Cooke and Mica Rosenberg   on May 31, 2019   publication:

U.S. immigration authorities on Friday said the government would limit which migrant children who enter the country alone qualify for special protections in the United States, the latest move by the Trump administration to tighten immigration

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VisionQuest employees: ‘It’s not safe for us … How would it be safe for the kids?’

by Laura Benshoff   on May 23, 2019   publication:

On March 27, the employees of VisionQuest presented a united front. Sitting together during a contentious four-hour community meeting in North Philadelphia, they cheered on their employer and asked for a chance to work with

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NPR “Up First” – Wendy Young (May 21, 2019)

by Joel Rose   on May 21, 2019   publication:

KIND’s, Wendy Young, speaks to NPR’s, Joel Rose about the 5th child who has died under U.S. custody and the critical need to provide care to children from the moment they are taken into U.S.

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How Legal Aid Groups Built An Army To Help Migrant Kids

by Nicole Narea   on May 19, 2019   publication:

Judges have recognized a minor’s right to counsel nearly across the board in civil proceedings — except in the immigration courts. Last year, children as young as toddlers made headlines when they appeared alone in

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L.A. wary of adding money to legal defense fund for migrants and refugees

by Dakota Smith   on May 17, 2019   publication:

Activists and attorneys urged Los Angeles city officials Thursday to renew funding for a legal defense program for migrants.   The L.A. Justice Fund, a city- and county-backed program that was launched after President Trump took

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Lindsey Graham’s Immigration Bill Would Harm Children And Not Deter Immigrants

by Angelina Chapin   on May 15, 2019   publication:

A new bill from Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) would harm undocumented immigrant children by detaining them for longer periods and allowing immigration officials to send them back to life-threatening situations in their home countries. Immigrant

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