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Immigrant Children Going Before An Immigration Judge Alone

by Jose Saenz   on May 4, 2018   publication:

MCALLEN, Texas – In courts across the United States, most kids and juveniles are represented by an adult, but that’s not the case when immigrant children go before a federal judge. Very few children, like

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Fact check: Trump’s misleading claims about ‘catch and release’

by Jane C. Timm   on May 2, 2018   publication:

President Donald Trump and his administration have spent weeks claiming that the Central American migrants seeking asylum in the U.S. use an immigration policy called “catch and release” to infiltrate the country. Trump has likened

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Under Trump, ICE Plans to Rip More Children Away From Parents

by Candice Bernd   on May 2, 2018   publication:

Trump administration officials are seeking to accelerate a vicious policy of ripping children away from parents attempting to cross the southern border into the US. Even as a new report details how 700 children have

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“We Know They’re Lying,” Migrant Caravan Camps On Border As US Says It Lacks Capacity

by Rory Carroll and David Agren   on May 1, 2018   publication:

As the migrants fled violence-racked homelands and travelled through Mexico towards the US, the fictions grew wilder. They were would-be invaders. A dangerous horde bent on violating US law. Pawns of a liberal conspiracy. Living

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WWL Pro Bono Law Firm of the Year 2018: Gibson Dunn & Crutcher

by Who's Who Legal   on May 1, 2018   publication:

The 2018 Who’s Who Legal Pro Bono Award is presented to Gibson Dunn & Crutcher in recognition of the superb work that the firm has undertaken, particularly for the help it has given to disenfranchised

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Migrant Caravan: Parents Seeking Asylum in U.S. Fear Forcible Separation from Children

by Daniel Gonzalez   on April 28, 2018   publication:

TIJUANA, Mexico — Kenia Elizabeth Avila Garcia sat in a restaurant stairwell looking dejected while the youngest of her three children bounced a rubber ball on the steps. She had just met with an American lawyer

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Speaker Details Organization’s Work Advocating for Child Migrants

by Miguel Soto   on April 22, 2018   publication:

Wendy Young, president of Kids in Need of Defense, spoke about her organization’s work in assisting children in immigration court and the difference between how the Obama and Trump administrations have responded to the recent

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A Rule Is Changed for Young Immigrants, and Green Card Hopes Fade

by Liz Robbins   on April 18, 2018   publication:

As a child, Y. says she was beaten by her father with ropes and cables in Honduras. J. says he was forced into labor in Burkina Faso. R., who was born in the Dominican Republic,

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Scholar Explores Effects of Immigration Policy

by Jocelyn Gould   on April 17, 2018   publication:

Drawing on 14 years of experience with immigration law, Elizabeth Badger examined the treatment of young undocumented immigrants in America in her lecture, “How to Protect the Dreamers,” on Monday night. Badger’s lecture was a

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Trump’s Strategy to Shrink Immigration Court Backlog May Not Work

by Dean DeChiaro   on April 16, 2018   publication:

A crucial piece of President Donald Trump’s deportation machine is not working the way he wants. He’s arresting thousands more undocumented immigrants than his predecessor, and illegal border traffic has dropped to historically low levels.

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