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Trump Culpa A Los Demócratas De La Separación De Familias Inmigrantes Que El Mismo Ordenó

by Pilar Marrero   on May 29, 2018   publication:

Siguiendo su estrategia de proyectar en sus enemigos políticos la responsabilidad de asuntos que le corresponden como presidente, Donald Trump pretende culpar a los demócratas de la nueva política de su gobierno que ha resultado

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Demand That The US Stop Separating Families At The Border

by Nation Action   on May 29, 2018   publication:

Many Americans have expressed outrage at horrific accounts of parents who have arrived at the border to escape violence and poverty only to have their children, some of them toddlers, taken away from them. This

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How To Help Immigrant Children Separated From Parents At U.S. Border

by Jordana Horn   on May 29, 2018   publication:

Earlier this month, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced the Trump Administration’s intent to separate parents and children who have illegally entered the United States through the southwest border. Now it’s happening — and regardless of

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What The Legal Process Looks Like For An Immigrant Child Taken Away From His Parents

by Philip Bump   on May 27, 2018   publication:

There’s been an avalanche of grim news centered on young immigrants apprehended at the border with Mexico. On Wednesday, the American Civil Liberties Union published a report documenting abusive encounters between young people and border agents

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What Separating Migrant Families At The Border Actually Looks Like

by Meredith Hoffman   on May 25, 2018   publication:

Earlier this month, when Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced plans to prosecute “100 percent” of migrants illegally crossing the Mexican border, it became official US policy to routinely separate children from their parents. Already, hundreds

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AFT and KIND: DeVos’s Statement Opening Door to ICE and Schools: Undocumented Children Will Be at Greater Risk of Human Trafficking and Exploitation

by KIND Press Release   on May 24, 2018

May 24, 2018—Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’ statement that individual schools should decide whether to notify U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) if they think a student is undocumented will lead to parents keeping their undocumented

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Thousands of Immigrant Children Face a Judge Without an Attorney

by Myriam Masihy and Sandra Esquivel   on May 24, 2018   publication:

Arlin Escobar was 16 and her brother was 9 when they escaped gang violence in El Salvador. She remembers travelling by land to get to the US to reunite with their mother who was already

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What You Need To Know About Children Fleeing Rape and Human Trafficking

by KIND PRESS RELEASE   on May 23, 2018

WHAT: Children from Central America are fleeing transnational gangs that ruthlessly target them for rape, sexual slavery, and human trafficking across Central America. Too many innocent Central American children have fallen victim to the unthinkable

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Women’s Groups Slam Separation of Immigrant Families

by James Palmer   on May 23, 2018   publication:

The Congressional Hispanic Caucus and 48 women’s organizations said at an event Wednesday that they have sent a letter to Congress demanding reform of Trump administration immigration policies that separate immigrant children from their detained

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Lideres Democratas, Activistas E Inmigrantes Exigen Cese De Separacion De Familias En La Frontera

by Maria Pena   on May 23, 2018   publication:

Líderes demócratas del Congreso, activistas y familias inmigrantes exigieron este miércoles el cese de la separación de familias, mientras el presidente Donald Trump afirmó que los menores no acompañados “no son inocentes” y pidió frenar

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