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Surge In Migrant Children At Government Shelters As Trump Admin Pushes ‘Zero Tolerance’

by Daniella Silva   on May 30, 2018   publication:

Nearly 11,000 migrant children are in government custody without their parents, according to federal health officials — a 22 percent increase from April as the Trump administration has ramped up prosecution of parents who cross

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What You Need To Know About The ‘Missing’ Migrant Children

by 1A   on May 30, 2018   publication:

This weekend, Twitter was abuzz with reactions to a story about federal agencies losing track of about 1,500 migrant children. The conversation evolved to be about the condition of children who cross the border, and

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The Real Immigration Crisis Isn’t ‘Missing’ Children. It’s Family Separations,”

by Sarah Kliff   on May 30, 2018   publication:

Thousands of Twitter users spent the weekend asking #WhereAreTheChildren? The viral hashtag sprang up in response to a now widely shared New York Times article noting that the federal government had been unable to make contact with 1,475

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The 1,500 “Missing” Migrant Children: An Immigration Expert Explains What You Need to Know

by Sarah Cliff   on May 29, 2018   publication:

In late April, a top Health and Human Services official told Congress that his agency had lost track of nearly 1,500 migrant children who had recently left government custody. Those remarks came under intense and renewed scrutiny

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US Scrambles to Explain Accounts of ‘Missing’ Children

by Aline Barros   on May 29, 2018   publication:

The Trump administration is pushing back against news reports that it has lost track of almost 1,500 immigrant children who came to the United States as unaccompanied minors. “The Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC) Program was

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Where Are The 1500 Missing Kids?

by Ian Masters   on May 29, 2018   publication:

KIND President, Wendy Young, speaks to Ian Masters on family separation and the reports of the nearly 1,500 “missing” children. Click here to listen: 

Trump’s ‘Zero Tolerance’ At The Border Is Causing Child Shelters To Fill Up Fast

by Nick Miroff   on May 29, 2018   publication:

The number of migrant children held in U.S. government custody without their parents has surged 21 percent in the past month, according to the latest figures, an increase driven by the Trump administration’s “zero tolerance” crackdown

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Trump Culpa A Los Demócratas De La Separación De Familias Inmigrantes Que El Mismo Ordenó

by Pilar Marrero   on May 29, 2018   publication:

Siguiendo su estrategia de proyectar en sus enemigos políticos la responsabilidad de asuntos que le corresponden como presidente, Donald Trump pretende culpar a los demócratas de la nueva política de su gobierno que ha resultado

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Demand That The US Stop Separating Families At The Border

by Nation Action   on May 29, 2018   publication:

Many Americans have expressed outrage at horrific accounts of parents who have arrived at the border to escape violence and poverty only to have their children, some of them toddlers, taken away from them. This

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How To Help Immigrant Children Separated From Parents At U.S. Border

by Jordana Horn   on May 29, 2018   publication:

Earlier this month, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced the Trump Administration’s intent to separate parents and children who have illegally entered the United States through the southwest border. Now it’s happening — and regardless of

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