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Esther Cepeda: Young, alone — and in court

by Esther Capeda   on May 1, 2013   in opinion   publication:

Last week, a federal judge in California ordered immigration courts in three states to provide legal representation for immigrants with mental disabilities who are in detention or facing deportation. This happened the day after federal

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Child Migrants, Alone in Court

by Sonia Nazario   on April 10, 2013   in opinion   publication:

  BELKIS RIVERA, 14 years old, sat in the Los Angeles immigration courtroom, in a black coat and purple scarf, shaking with fear. When Belkis was 6, the gang that controlled her neighborhood in San

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Letter to the editor, Kids used as bait

by Wendy Young   on March 30, 2009   in opinion

Re: Carol Marbin Miller’s March 27 article Family group blamed for turning in immigrants: As a nation that defines itself by its family values, it is unconscionable that the United States continues to implement our immigration

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