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Showing kindness to the most vulnerable in our society

by Wendy Young   on November 20, 2019   in opinion   publication:

To mark Universal Children’s Day today, the KIND group has announced partnerships to help reunite refugee children in Ireland with the families they left behind, writes Wendy Young. Imagine a little girl who, in the

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We need solutions for children fleeing violence in Central America, the current system is failing

by Jennifer Podkul   on November 8, 2019   in opinion   publication:

President John Adams once observed that “facts are stubborn things.” Those words came to mind last week when United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) announced that in FY 2018 it detained a record number

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Plight Of Children Is Lost In Immigration Debate

by Stan Perry   on May 17, 2018   in opinion   publication:

As a pro bono immigration attorney for children immigrants and refugees over the past five years in Houston, I am struck by how little the fear-mongering and mischaracterizations of people from Central America seeking safety,

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Unaccompanied Immigrant Children Could Face A Return To Danger

by Julie Petrini   on March 17, 2018   in opinion   publication:

I’m a technology lawyer who has helped companies like Microsoft, Skype and Polaroid navigate the web of national and global laws that govern telecommunications, cloud computing, securities trading and intellectual property. Sound complex? Actually, it’s

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To Help a Dreamer, Why Do We Have to Hurt Her Cousin?

by Sonia Nazario   on October 27, 2017   in opinion   publication:

Last August, Lesli Gonzalez, 22, got a phone call at 6 a.m. Did she know Doralinda Lopez de León, a Guatemalan girl who said she was running from danger and had been caught by border

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These Are Children, Not Bad Hombres

by Sonia Nazario   on February 25, 2017   in opinion   publication:

Last year 7-year-old Kendra Cruz Garcia and her 10-year-old-brother, Roberto Guardado Cruz, crossed the Rio Grande alone. When their tiny boat reached the shore, they started walking into Texas. The Border Patrol agents who soon

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Angelina Jolie: Refugee Policy Should Be Based on Facts, Not Fear

by Angelina Jolie   on February 2, 2017   in opinion   publication:

Refugees are men, women and children caught in the fury of war, or the cross hairs of persecution. Far from being terrorists, they are often the victims of terrorism themselves. I’m proud of our country’s

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How the Most Dangerous Place on Earth Got Safer

by Sonia Nazario   on August 11, 2016   in opinion   publication:

Programs funded by the United States are helpingtransform Honduras. Who says American power is dead?   San Pedro Sula, Honduras — Three years ago, Honduras had the highest homicide rate in the world. The city of San

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Immigrant Children Desperately Need Lawyers

by Wendy Young & Meg McCarthy   on March 10, 2016   in opinion   publication:

To the Editor: Re “Migrant Children, Voiceless in Court” (editorial, March 8): It is alarming that a government lawyer responsible for training immigration judges who hear unaccompanied children’s cases stated that the small children who

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Young Refugees

by Wendy Young   on November 11, 2015   in opinion   publication:

To the Editor: Re “Child Migrants Waiting for U.S. to Honor Vow” (front page, Nov. 6): Children in Central America facing grave harm from pervasive violence need a timely and effective way to gain safety,

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