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Will US Accelerate Global Shift Against Asylum Hopefuls?

by RJ Vogt   on August 4, 2019   in media-hits   publication:

A Honduran refugee flees gang violence at home, heading north to claim asylum in America. A Rohingya refugee in Bangladesh, facing genocide back in Myanmar, wonders about the status of her application to be resettled

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‘I didn’t know where to look for him’: ICE ships kids across the country to Pacific Northwest jails

  on August 3, 2019   in media-hits   publication:

Last year, a North Carolina 17-year-old called his mom from jail. Victor had been charged with various crimes, including four counts of breaking or entering a motor vehicle. But now the teen, brought to the

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Hundreds Of Migrant Children Separated From Parents End Up In NY. Here’s One Of Their Stories

by Beth Fertig   on August 1, 2019   in media-hits   publication:

Five year-old Carlos played on the floor with a couple of brightly colored toy trucks, making noises and chasing them with a younger boy while an older boy tried to sleep in a chair. They

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Angelina Jolie: The Crisis We Face at the Border Does Not Require Us to Choose Between Security and Humanity

by Angelina Jolie   on July 31, 2019   in media-hits   publication:

We Americans have been confronted by devastating images from our southern border and increasingly polarized views on how to address this untenable situation. At times I wonder if we are retreating from the ideal of America as

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Pay or Die

by Sonia Nazario   on July 26, 2019   in media-hits   publication:

IT’S MONDAY: TIME TO PAY THE GANGS. A bus owner wearing a red knit hat waits for the call he’s gotten every Monday morning for 10 years. That’s when Honduras’s gangs began charging anything with

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Only in America Featuring Sonia Nazario: Profiling Hardship in Honduras

by Ali Noorani   on July 17, 2019   in media-hits   publication:

The National Immigration Forum’s, Ali Noorani, speaks to Sonia Nazario, award-winning journalist and the author of Enrique’s Journey, a story about a 17-year-old boy from Honduras who travels a dangerous road to the U.S. looking

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Immigrant rights group decries new Trump asylum restrictions as ‘most egregious,’ ‘extreme’ to date

by Daniella Silva   on July 15, 2019   in media-hits   publication:

Immigrant rights advocates and attorneys denounced President Donald Trump’s latest move Monday to restrict asylum at the southern border as the “most egregious” and “extreme” policy targeting the form of protection by the administration yet.

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Trump administration agrees to independent investigation of health conditions for children at border facilities

by Elizabeth Cohen and John Bonifield   on July 12, 2019   in media-hits   publication:

The Trump administration has agreed to allow a Stanford University pediatrician to conduct an independent investigation into health conditions for migrant children at US Customs and Border Protection facilities. The pediatrician, Dr. Paul Wise, toured

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Are immigrant children free to leave shelters ‘at anytime’? Half True

by Miriam Valverde   on July 10, 2019   in media-hits   publication:

The treatment of migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border has become a huge issue this summer, with members of Congress visiting Border Patrol facilities to see conditions for themselves. A Republican congressman from Texas recently made

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One year later, family separation crisis far from over

  on July 5, 2019   in media-hits   publication:

When the Trump administration started to systematically separate asylum-seeker families as part of a “zero tolerance” immigration policy at the border just more than a year ago, the objective was to deter people from continuing

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