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Here’s What to Know About the Status of Family Separation at the U.S. Border, Which Isn’t Nearly Over

by Jasmine Aguilera   on September 21, 2019   in media-hits   publication:

Attorneys working on the ground along the southern U.S. border estimate nearly 1,000 children have been separated from their parents since the practice was declared over by the Trump Administration in June 2018. Court records

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Government Denies Attorneys to Immigrant Kids at California Shelter – ‘We Need Answers’

by Kate Irby   on September 10, 2019   in media-hits   publication:

The federal government is denying legal assistance to child migrants living at a Modesto shelter, according to advocates who worry the kids will suffer unnecessarily without access to attorneys. Complaints about the site, which has

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Trump Administration Is Not Funding Legal Aid In 3 Migrant Children’s Shelters

by Angelina Chapin   on September 7, 2019   in media-hits   publication:

The Trump administration is failing to fund legal services for detained immigrant children ― some under 5 years old ― in three shelters, HuffPost has learned. That violates federal law and could have life-threatening consequences

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Three Young Girls Were Separated at the Border from a Father with HIV

by Beth Fertig   on September 3, 2019   in media-hits   publication:

Fourteen year-old Andrea remembers the last time she saw her father. They had just crossed the border near El Paso last November, together with her two younger sisters Leiliana, 13, and Sofia, 11. Like many

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Trump is stripping immigrant children of protections, critics say. Supporters say he’s closing loopholes

by Andrea Castillo   on September 2, 2019   in media-hits   publication:

In the nearly four years since Alexis arrived alone in the United States as a 17-year-old from El Salvador, he has been granted asylum, learned English, secured a job at a bakery and studied for

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We Are Royale, Artolution Bring Refugee Kids’ Art to Life in Animated AR Mural

by Mercedes Milligan   on August 30, 2019   in media-hits   publication:

Creative production studio We Are Royale has partnered with Artolution, an international community-based public art organization, to bring its latest public mural to life with augmented reality. Located in New York City’s East Village, the

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Más de 300 niños del Valle Central cruzaron solos la frontera y hoy viven con guardianes, lejos de sus padres

by Fatima Navarrete   on August 29, 2019   in media-hits   publication:

Univision’s, Fatima Navarrete, speaks about unaccompanied children in the Central Valley and interview a KIND client. Watch here:

What Happened to the Migrant Baby CBP Called a ‘Potential Death’?

by Scott Bixby   on August 28, 2019   in media-hits   publication:

Four days ago, U.S. Customs and Border Protection released a stunning announcement notifying the public of the “potential death in custody” of a 6-month-old baby girl. Since then, the agency tasked with enforcing immigration laws on the

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The Trump Administration’s Sustained Attack On The Rights of Immigrant Children

by Jonathan Blitzer   on August 22, 2019   in media-hits   publication:

n 1985, two Salvadoran children, ages twelve and fifteen, were held in a squalid, overcrowded room in a rundown motel in Pasadena, California. For weeks, the government denied them food and kept them from seeing doctors

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Immigration Advocate Weighs In On Trump Administration’s Move To End Flores Agreement

by Audie Cornish   on August 21, 2019   in media-hits   publication:

KIND’s President, Wendy Young, speaks to NPR’s Audie Cornish, about President Trump’s moves to change requirements for the detention of migrant children. Listen here: