Houston’s KIND Clients Need Your Help

by Wendy Young  on September 8, 2017  in

A Message from KIND President, Wendy Young: 

KIND will be helping clients like Gasper and Teresa who have lost most of their belongings. Both children received asylum in Houston but have now lost everything and need to rebuild their lives.


Donate today to help children in Houston

In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, KIND’s immigrant and refugee child clients are among the most vulnerable. Many have lost their homes. They have no food, no dry clothing.  Even as they suffer from the impact of the hurricane, they fear deportation and are afraid to seek help from official sources.

They trust KIND, but KIND’s capacity to respond to a major crisis like this depends directly on the donations we receive from individuals like you.

As they turn to us, we will ensure that your donation goes directly to a child and his or her family, to meet their immediate urgent relief needs.


This week, the mother of a KIND child client reached out to our Houston office. They have no one to turn to; they are stranded without transportation and cannot get food, water or basic necessities.

Another mother called seeking help after their home was flooded and her husband fell off the roof while trying to repair it and is now in the ICU. He was the sole provider and the family is desperate.

These are just two examples of the calls we are receiving, and this is why we ask for your help. Our children and their families need help from compassionate friends like you.


With your support, our Houston office staff can provide gift cards for necessities like food and water, soap and shampoo, a change of clothing.

Your gift will help KIND relieve the immediate fears and urgent needs of our child clients.  Children who had already left their homes behind and who have so little, except their hope for a safer future.

Your generous donation will help ensure that they remain in touch with their pro bono attorneys, and keep their legal cases on track and avoid deportation.

In the face of unimaginable need, thank you for keeping immigrant and refugee children in your heart.

Please Donate Today



Wendy Young

KIND President


*The children’s names above have been changed to protect their identity.

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