Executive Order on Immigration: Not who we are as a nation

by Megan McKenna   on January 28, 2017   in

January 28, 2017—Kids in Need of Defense (KIND) is deeply disturbed by President Trump’s executive order on immigration that bars for 120 days refugees who have been cleared to resettle in the United States and bans citizens from seven countries from entering the United States even if they have green cards or hold valid visas for entry.

KIND President Wendy Young said:

“We are needlessly slamming the door shut on those whose lives are unquestionably in danger and who have passed the United States’ rigorous vetting process for resettlement, which often takes years. Banning all citizens from certain countries from entering the United States only because of the chance of birth flies in the face of every value upon which this country was founded.

Never more have we needed a clear path to legalization for immigrants who have found safety here and who want to make this nation their home. Many have contributed to this country for years, while others are newer arrivals who want to use their talents and skills to help make a difference in this country.”.

“KIND will do everything in our power to ensure that unaccompanied children— many of whom have fled for their lives from gang and narco-trafficker violence in Central America—have fair access to our immigration system and U.S. protection. It is who we are as a nation.”


For more information contact Megan McKenna, mmckenna@supportkind.org, 202-631-9990.

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