Enrique’s Journey: New updated version by KIND Board Member Sonia Nazario

by Megan McKenna  on February 11, 2014  in

KIND Board Member and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist/author Sonia Nazario has revised and updated Enrique’s Journey, her book about a boy’s journey to the United States to reunite with his mother. The new version contains an updated epilogue about Enrique’s family, a chapter on immigration, never before seen photos of Enrique and his family, and a Q & A with Nazario. The book’s website has new teaching guides, photos, and even video of Enrique.

Nazario’s book is particularly timely as the number of unaccompanied children coming to the United States is rising to unprecedented levels. The majority of these children are from Central America and are fleeing violence in their home countries due to the rise in narco-traffickers and drug cartels in the region. Many are escaping forced conscription into these gangs and the violence or the very real threat of deadly violence they receive if they refuse to join.

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