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Press play to view a video compilation of 5 children’s stories
from the
Central American Voices Project


The stories of the refugee, migrant, and internally displaced teens from Central America in these videos are the stories of thousands of children who have fled their communities and countries to escape extreme violence and to save their lives.  

KIND, UNICEF, and local partners worked with children in El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, and Mexico to tell their and their families’ migration stories through drawings and writing as part of our Central American Voices Project. Children also developed recommendations to improve conditions for, and treatment of, migrant, refugee, and displaced children.  You can also see their individual stories here about gang violence, sexual and gender-based violence, detention conditions, and the fear they felt in detention.

To prevent people from being forced to flee their communities, the children recommended we work together to:  

  • ensure safer communities 
  • protect women’s and girls’ health 
  • provide economic stability through education and jobs. 

 And to better protect migrant children, governments should: 

  • provide asylum to children who fear for their safety 
  • lessen asylum wait times 
  • not allow children to languish in detention  
  • not discriminate against children born in a different country. 

What can you do to help these children? 

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